Call Me

by Britchy

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***Save the date! Release party at the Longstaff House Thursday, August 1st at 7pm with Russ Nasset opening.***

We have begun this pre-sale for our fourth full-length studio album in hopes to raise some money to pay back our production expenses, which totaled $1,681.82. These are hard costs of CD manufacturing, purchasing original cover art, and compensating our guest artists. Britt and Richie both volunteered their time in writing, rehearsing, performing, and engineering the album. Any support you can offer to help with expenses is much appreciated. You can send PayPal direct to or mail a check to Britt Arnesen, P.O. Box 8365, Missoula, MT 59807.

Thank you, friends! We look forward to seeing you at a show.


released August 1, 2019

All songs written by Britt Arnesen and Richie Reinholdt.

Recorded spring 2019 in Missoula, Montana at AnimalTown Studios and Free Cycles Missoula.

Richie Reinholdt - vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo, electric bass.

Britt Arnesen - vocals, guitars, upright bass, piano

Jack Mauer - dobro

Isaac Callender - fiddle


all rights reserved



Britchy Missoula, montana

Missoula's original acoustic americana duo features the fine pickin' and timeless songwriting of Richie Reinholdt and Britt Arnesen.

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Track Name: Home Now
© 2011 Richie Reinholdt

Headlights shine through speckled beams
Driving through the snow
Lucid smells of velvet seats
Bathed in neon glow
Almost home we’ll be there soon
A few more miles to go
In chariots of chrome and steel
Down the road we go

Sheepskin by the fireplace
Where sleeping dogs retire
Paper’s on the porch at dawn
Rising sun climbs higher
Sweet sweet smell of pancakes baking
Coffee’s warming glow
As day creates the future pathDown the road we go

Weekend morning cartoons through
Time for making plans
Tater salad olive thumbs
Baskets of the hand
Soda pop popsicles
Evening fireworks show
Wash the grass stains off with bleach
Down the road we go

Waking from this comfort dream
The empty nest remains
A brand new life of college dorms
Riding subway trains
It’s the next thing on the list
Practice letting go
Take a giant step aside
As down the road they go
Track Name: Call Me
© 2011 Britt Arnesen

I’ve walked this gravel road a hundred times before
Back and forth looking for your door
I play this old guitar every waking hour
Every chord is searching for your arms

The more I sing your song the more I sound like you
The more I feel your sun the more I find my moon

An arrow through brick walls somehow you made it through
Pierced my heart in two left an open wound
I’d love you through and through just like you want me to
You don’t believe that’s true and I won’t need you to

The sun heats up the water and the moon pulls the tide
I’ve never been so warm as by your side
I stand upon your shore and weather every storm
Every morn I’m yearning for your dawn

I’ve walked this gravel road a hundred times before
Back and forth longing for your voice
I play this old guitar every waking hour
Every chord the reaching of my arms
Track Name: Don't Ask the Wind
© 2009 Richie Reinholdt

Don’t ask the wind to remember your name
Don’t ask it when it’s coming back again
Just let it go you’ll never hold it anyway
Goes where it will with nothing to say

Memories moving time
All desires left behind
But golden years slip away
Into the arms of yesterday

Tomorrow’s face turns away
With no advice for today
But the howling wind whispers bySpreading all across the sky

On its way to nowhere
With no need for joy or despair
Only time and sheer force of willRestive dreams never standing still
Track Name: Tight Rope
TIGHT ROPE © 2019 Britt Arnesen

You walk a tight rope and never fall
There beside you the angels all
Surround you with their song
So won’t you stand yourself up tall

Cross big oceans and sail the seas
Feel that wind blow beneath your wings
Keep that lighthouse in steady view
I leave it on for you

Wash your heart out good and clean
In the River Jordan our backyard stream
The healing waters run cold and deep
Come and rest your weary feet

Trust your savior knows your pain
Knows your troubles plays your games
That still small voice coming through
Whispers soft and tells it true

Oh won’t you stand yourself up tall
Friend won’t you stand yourself up tall
Track Name: Everywhere
© 2009 Richie Reinholdt

What took so long to reach me was suddenly so clear
The lady pilot bathes me in her smoky tears
Sings her name in metaphors across the sky
Holding sunset in her hair everywhere

Blacklisted in my hometown no avenue remains
The streets have all rolled up at night denying me my name
Glory days forgotten by everyone but me
Insanity without a care everywhere

I’m not a tornado but a Psyclone I have been
This book you must read to me this drama that I’m in
My hands have all been blown away taken by the wind
And if I was the moon tonight I might see her again

Four-wheel songs by morning light to work and home we go
Never even hear her name on the radio
A castle I would build for her were I a younger man
But the moat fills with despair everywhere

Grammar and intention tangle up in vain
Stifled in creation ideas fall like rain
My lessons in direction never quite sink in
She tries to show me how to fly my wings fold up again

Crippled hands and photographs are all that remain
Reflections in a cloudy mirror memories are the same
The deer invade my consciousness and trample down my walls
And the pilot’s on the air everywhere
Track Name: Chimney Creek Angel
© 2014 Britt Arnesen

Out on Chimney Creek Road I was saved by an angel with a pickup truck
From ten miles on the ridgetop she saw me out hitching and hard on my luck
Drove down all the way just to give me a break from the searing summer heat
It’s 100 in the shade and there is no shade you sure are an angel to me

Hop on back with the saddles and help me look for the cattle with your young eyes
Mine used to be better but years of the weather have worn them dry
The hot blowing sand and time’s cruel demands have taken their toll on me
With each dusty day I get closer to failing help me see what I no longer see

It’s a long way up with those burdens weighing you down
Just listen for the sound of angels

In these very mountains I’ve seen generations of people and dogs
81 years I’ve been living right here my last mule is gone
Our family has roamed on this ranch we’ve called home for 156 years
That there cemetary is where they’re all buried their angels are my company

Out on Chimney Creek Road when I needed an angel you found me there
You say I can’t take your picture because you’re not pretty; I beg to differ
You say your beauty has faded
I say youth’s over-rated you sure are an angel to me
You look like an angel; you ARE an angel; you sure are an angel to me
You look like an angel; you sure are an angel to me
Track Name: Dream Noir
© 2011 Richie Reinholdt

I’ve seen your face in a film noir
Reruns from a broken dreamI’ve heard your voice all across the sky
It never whispers my name
A broken dream goes on so long
Long after the dawn

I’ve seen your smile and those flashing eyes
Plastered on the Berlin Wall
And I’ve felt your heart burning to the touch
Long before our fiery fall
A broken dream called you away
As night stumbled into day

I counted stars spelling our your name
In a thousand Milky Ways
I’ve heard the night tired of memories
Calling for forgivenness as it prays
A faint perfume from your goodbyes
Lingers on like the water in my eyes

I’ve watched you run ‘cross the universe
Chasing shadows across the sun
I’ve see this show seen it all before
Glimpses of a special one
A broken dream can tell you lies
Wispy clouds in a pastel sky

I’ve seen your face in a film noir
Reruns from a broken dream
I’ve heard your voice all across the sky
It never whispers my name
A broken dream can last so long
Long after the dawn
Track Name: Eagle Cove
© 2019 by Britt Arnesen

Brother called he stumbled on this place we’ve got to see
A hidden trail to a quarry in the trees
Last one up is the first one down
Jumping twenty feet
So cold and dark down deep

I don’t know if I can ever show you what it means to me
To know you love me even if it’s only in my dreams

Later on to the beaver pond playing hide and seek
In the rocks and logs muddying up our jeans
It’s getting late but won’t you stay
The berries are so sweet
Soon the nightbirds start to sing

I don’t know if I can ever show you what it means to me
To know you love me even if it’s only in my dreams

Every day your heart’s awake with wonder
Feed it on mountains and fresh air
You’ll find a way through life’s roughest brambles
Remembering the way you felt out there

Tide was low we were out the road running down the beach
Pools warm on sand-encrusted feet
You ride the waves like it’s in your veins
Quicker than the sea
And lighter than the breeze
Track Name: Cold Moon
© 2009 Richie Reinholdt

This madness of the moon is crushing down on me like lead
Its piercing silver beams stirring doubts around my head
And long before this night began I could feel it getting close
Grinding through my consciousness like heavy velvet dope

Oh moon go away leave me alone
Find some other manic heart to chill cold as stone

My thoughts give way to sacrifice and second-guessing trash
Wasting too much time on sad emotional rehash
Spears of false rejection and self-imposed denial
Cleave my flesh to monuments of wounded souls on trial

How can I turn the other cheek when both are black and blue
And all I see around me are nightmares coming true
Where rabid social dogs with vengeful jaws are chasing me
Branding me with sores of animosity

My only way home is through clouds of tragedy
Believing my salvation lies in what others think of me
And wanting adulation for imaginary tones
Dulcet incantations of repetitious drones

By sunrise I’ll be waiting for redemption from the night
When lunar visions traded me for scorching golden light
And only its reflection glancing off the mirrored pond
Offers any warning of similar nights to come
Track Name: Rosemary Fly
© 2011 Britt Arnesen

There’s a bench outside the theater
Sometimes I sit and wait to meet her
In a prayer or in a letter
Perfect cursive even in goodbye
I sing my reply

Rosemary fly
Fly knowing I’m alright
Rosemary fly, Rosemary fly
Fly knowing I’m alright

This song’s a letter I felt her send me
Down through forever past heaven’s skies
It finds me better but still there’s weather
I still sing but I still cry

A golden angel and a young voice singing
Your favorite faces throughout the evening
We are your children and your children’s children
Here beside you through the night

And the song I couldn’t write was “ Rosemary Fly ”
Fly knowing I’m alright
Track Name: Three A.M.
© 2011 Richie Reinholdt

That mirror don’t ever look back
In front or behind a different track
What friends will see through the crack
Is a mirror that never looks back

The shadow won’t follow anymore
It’s waiting for another to open the door
And let it out of its commitment to the floor
The shadow won’t follow any more

Sleep won’t last through the night
Dreaming under a broken streetlight
Letting go and holding on are having a fight
Sleep won’t last just one night

Can’t find a corner to crawl in
Can’t find a hole to fall in

Noxious banter drives the poison home
Hurling venom well enough alone
Cracking whips of meathook off the bone
The herd can’t find its own way home
The shadow will follow alone
Sleep won’t last just one night

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