Every Heartache

by Britchy

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CD Release party! April 19th at the Ten Spoon Winery in Missoula, Montana. 4175 Rattlesnake Drive. Porter Creek opens at 6pm and we'll play at the album at 7pm! Details are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BritchyDuo


released April 19, 2014

songwriting and vocals: Britt Arnesen and Richie Reinholdt


Richie Reinholdt - electric and acoustic guitars, upright and electric bass, banjo, mandolin (3, 8, 9)

Britt Arnesen - acoustic guitar, piano (4, 9), mandolin (5, 12)

Tom Wolverton - pedal steel (3, 4, 10) and dobro (11)

Larry Chung - fiddle (1, 8), pedal steel (1), and baritone guitar (1)

Ellie Nuño - fiddle (5)

Chad Fadely - mandolin (2)

Andy Dunnigan - dobro (2)

Trevor Rogers - vocals (4)

Bryan Daste - pedal steel guitar (6)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Britchy Missoula, montana

Missoula's original acoustic americana duo features the fine pickin' and timeless songwriting of Richie Reinholdt and 907Britt.


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Track Name: Every Heartache
words and music by Britt Arnesen

Darling, once again our love
Is feeling like it's doomed
I know just what you're thinking of
And what you plan to do
Well I've been up and down this road before with you
Always leaving me the fool

Good times only last for so long
As soon as I get used to it my happiness is gone
Only loves I've ever known are the ones I've lost
For every heartache, I've got a sad sad song

I still have the very first flower that you gave to me
The note you left that said "I'm sorry"
From back when we had sympathy
The vase is chipped the rose is shriveled
There's nothing left to see
Just me and my crumbling memories

Turn out the light and make a wish
I lay me down to sleep
And dream of waking up to better days
You know I'd give my soul to keep
It's a cold and lonely house and you still have the key
I don't go nowhere and no one visits me
Track Name: Empty Eyes
words and music by Richie Reinholdt

Do you see the heart impaled on my arm?
I only wear it for a few
Leaving a stain like a badge on regret
It’s not like this wound is brand new

Turn around slam the door just walk away
I don’t wanna see you hanging ‘round
Get out of my head leave me alone
Your empty eyes cannot hide the empty heart inside

Thirsty for a smile when I saw a mirage
Shining through the smoky light
But when I tried to drink my cup was filled with dust
And your reflection vanished in the night

Safe behind the walls of my emotional redoubt
I don’t want to feel any more
But you stormed my battlements with your Pepsodent smile
Shattering my armor to the floor

With starvation thoughts I was hungry for a dream
To take me to the edge of decay
When I foundered at the taste of destruction in your smile
I knew I’d found my way
Track Name: Blanket
words and music by Britt K. Arnesen

Tear off a number and wait in a chair
In a room of strangers, my worries are not theirs
Can't shake off this feeling that life isn't fair
Careening down a broken rail

With my entire life wrapped here in a blanket
Soft and small, close and warm
My entire life is wrapped here in a blanket
That is all, that is all

Thursday's a nightmare, I woke up in a fright
In a cold room no refuge from the fluorescent lights
I'm running I'm crawling there's no place to hide
From the monster's hungry eyes

Tuesday alone again I don't wait for a call
I'm done mumbling, I'm done walking 'round wondering where you are
Worrying for what I cannot change won't get me very far
No monster gonna break my heart

I packed all my bags but I won't catch a flight
I won't swing on a hammock at the house I cannot buy
I'm a frequent believer in wrong black and white
There's lucky ones and hard hard times
Track Name: Voices
words and music by Richie Reinholdt

Couldn’t sleep lightning flashing
Thought I heard something out in the dark
The drenching sound of the pouring rain or a memory that remains

I heard voices in the rain

As thunder barters with the gloom
A deluge for its game
The ghostly legend hides within
A song of tragedy

As the cobbled street runs soaking cold
The storm claims the night
An eerie voice like a banshee cry
Calls out a name

With voices in the rain
Clear as can be now who could it be now

The haunted village sleeps on through
Familiar with the sound
Of the fabled spectral soldier
Calling for his love

The battle raged duty called
He promised he’d return
He held her close and kissed her lips
Then marched toward destiny

And voices in the rain
Clear as can be now who could it be now

He calls to her on nights like this
From behind the hidden moon
She’s waited for him all these years
Sustained by her tears and voices in the rain
Track Name: La Palouse
words and music by Britt Arnesen

Les prairies palousiennes
Cultiver du blé
Terre comme un damier
Verte ou en jachère
Croissance et sénescence
On a ou on n'a pas de chance
Les collines s'étendent
À l'infini

Aller à La Palouse, aller
Entendre l'appel du vent
La Palouse est morne quand tu n'es pas là
Aller, aller la bàs

Tu as planté beaucoup des graines
Des fleurs sauvages que j'aime
When I was dark and missing you
Elles me consolaient
Au loin, une grange
Par ici, ta mémoire
Parfois un avion
J'attends la moisson

Viens avec tes ennuis
Viens avec tes grands soucis
Viens et laisser les ici
Oublie la maladie
Croissance et sénescence
Ce n'est pas les fleurs qui me manquent
La tristesse d'être sans toi
J'attends la moisson

Britt's translation:

The Palouse prairies
Grow wheat
Landscape like a checkerboard
Green or fallow

Growth and senescence
You're lucky or not
The hills go on
To infinity

Go to the Palouse, go
Hear the call of the wind
The Palouse mourns when you're not there
Go, go there

You have planted many seeds
Of the wildflowers that I love
When I was dark and missing you
They consoled me

In the distance, a barn
Over here, your memory
Sometimes, a plane
I await the harvest


Come with your troubles
Come with your biggest worries
Come and leave them here
Forget the sickness

Growth and senescence
It's not the flowers that I miss
The sadness of being without you
I await the harvest
Track Name: Walk On
words and music by Richie Reinholdt

There’s a stain on the wind there’s a tear on the vine
There’s a definite intent leaving vacant lives behind
Sweeping all the days to come away
Vengeance always needs to repay

So many cries remain never heard by the crowd
From those swept away and never allowed
To grow old living on through their dreams
Using all the days that they need

Turn your collar to the wind
Talk to the Paw
Turn on your light once and for all

And we who remain untrampled by the wind
Continue on our path ‘til we fall asleep again
And walk on through our days awake
’Til the final act is played
Track Name: Queen Rainier
My late baby always keep me waiting
My late baby always keep me waiting
Anticipating you is killing me

My cold baby went to no from maybe
My cold baby went to no from maybe
I've got to beg for every kiss that I don't steal

My green baby don't want to share his lady
My green baby don't want to share his lady
Oh don't you let him see you around with me

My red baby I done made him angry
My red baby I done made him angry
There's nothing I can say that he'll believe

My blue baby had a rotten day
My blue baby had a rotten day
Oh blue baby don't you take it out on me
Track Name: This Time
words and music by Richie Reinholdt

Which lie this time
Gonna break this heart of mine
One more time down the same old road
Built on all the ones you’ve told

Whisper to me tales of never ending love
Happy ever after in dreams
Walking hand in hand in the full moon light
Bathed in romantic beams

High above the clouds is a king on a throne
His royal highness of love
But he’s just an emperor of a house of cards
That tumbles down with just one shove

Picture of a Cinderella Princess at the ball
Surveying her domain
Dance the night away until the pumpkins call
The shutter’s set at the speed of pain
Track Name: Never Enough
words and music by Britt Arnesen

I got a rocket ship with an on off switch I go flying
Give an astronaut a forget-me-not and be kind to him
Chart a course to a distant star
And leave them wondering if that's where we are

It's never enough
I'm counting light years between us
Never enough
Lost in space my love

Got a paper route and twenty dollars that I've been saving
Get on my bicycle I don't know quite where it'll take me
Couldn't make it up the canyon walls
Had no warning the water's gonna fall

Back to Earth again 7:30am daylight
Up at the Teton Dam at the moment when it all changes
Thirteen thousand cows down in the fields
And you come running back to me
Track Name: Time Machine
words and music by Richie Reinholdt

Let's go back in time to when you were mine
That happy life of yesterday
When I was #1 before all was said and done
Please come back to me and stay

I know that I broke every single rule
Acted like a selfish crazy fool
Now I’m sad and lonely longing for you only
I just can’t make it without you

I ran around and left you all alone
I took for granted our happy home
Now I'd trade every minute to have you back in it
That was the happiest life I’ve known

You told me that you had had enough
I gambled on a heart I thought was so tough
Now the hand I'm holding are just cards I'm folding
Cause there’s no one left to bluff

Wish that I could find a time machine
And return once again to that place so serene
Back when I was still the light in your eye
What a beautiful dream
Track Name: Groupie
words and music by Britt K. Arnesen

It is what it is. Things are just what they seem
I fell asleep in your arms and woke up in a dream
Fly across the mountains just to hear you sing
You're a sunrise, I'm a bird on the wing
Take me with you

Imaginary holiday, my mind paints a scene
A kiss down by the boathouse where the water meets the trees
Promise that you'll never love anyone but me
I hear anything I want to believe

It is what it is. Things are just what they seem
You'd marry me for the money but I've got none up my sleeve
Plant another dollar and hope one grows into a tree
I'm a poor boy now. I might not always be

It is what it is. Things are just what they seem
Any hurtful words I throw come back twice as mean
I never meant to bother you. I still want you to be free
My kingdom for the time you still loved me
Track Name: Growler Song
words and music by Richie Reinholdt

I filled my growler with pork and beans
At the P-Burg Brewery show
Drank it up with a meatfish pancake
Down the road I go

I sat right down on a wrought iron chair
For a picnic lunch or two
With tuna salad and whisker sauce
And a glass of Czech 1 2
Time horse nettles and munchkin peels
Spinning around the sink
Giant kettles of stainless steel
Brewing up the drink

The resident mascot dog named Bruce
Barks if he likes the song
And Olive kitty flicks her tail
If you play it wrong
With Otter Water and foamy Gonk
Favorites of the day
While motion and sequence play their game of
Rolling in the hay

I placed my stool so high above
Looking down from the mezzanine
The clientele all speaking in tongues
And slathering on their jeans
With roller coaster magnum force
And the strumming of guitars
Intertwining imagery
With the sound of colliding cars

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